Damian Trevor

Damian Trevor – The prowess of Damian Trevor as a construction contractor is well-known. The grand experience that extends more than one decade describes his outstanding class. He is the owner of Team Sun Construction. Massive size of the project does not bother him as his considerable experience is a vital supporting factor. This frontrunner construction contractor is leading the company, Team Sun Construction since 2004. Damian Trevor has established great reputation for executing sizeable projects without missing the deadlines and budget while observing stringent quality control parameters. Damian recounts he never looked back after initiating on this journey.

As a client centric contractor, Damian has vowed to fulfill customer expectations. He along with his team deploy viable tactics to secure success. Damian Trevor is familiar with customer grievances that erupts when expanding costs taunts them. Clients aspire to erect their personal paradise in form of palatial dwellings but excessive operational costs often impede their grand plans. Damian personally monitors the progress of projects on timely basis and even acts as problem solver. This technology aficionado possesses general contractor’s license from the California Contractors State License Board that guarantees his credibility. The imposing experience has eventually polished the caliber of Damian Trevor in the long run.

It is a tedious challenge to design and erect quality homes in a limited time frame. However, obstacles are mere learning lessons for Damian Trevor. He along with his entire team has mastered several promising tactics that enable them to accept strenuous challenges. The key qualities considered as cornerstone of Team Sun Construction are trustworthiness and assurance of quality work. Damian Trevor is a man of words who is extensively praised for fulfilling commitments. This esteemed construction contractor adheres to principle of proven philosophies and one of them is “Building Relationships on the founding stone of Trust.” Team Sun Construction has successfully demonstrated its ability to manage large, complicated projects while synchronizing with advanced systems.

Despite price being a pivotal competitive factor, strong reputation and robust bonding with clients often brings referral business for Team Sun Construction. Damian Trevor takes pride in mentioning that Team Sun Construction has become a noted name after securing top notch position. Trevor is an alumnus of Pennsylvania State University. He is married to Mrs. Summer Trevor. The couple is a proud parent to two children, Cole and Alexa. Whenever his tight schedule permits, he can be easily seen on sports ground. Damian Trevor is very fond of playing CrossFit, Tennis and Golf, he holds the membership of Morningside Country Club, Springs Country Club.

The professional journey of Damian Trevor commenced when he began working for private equity groups and later managed real estate investment/development projects. It was in 2007 that Damian commenced working for individual clients. Damian Trevor has successfully accomplished several custom projects some of which have been published; ensuring quality construction work is the mainstay of this promising contractor. Trevor acts as President of Escala Homeowner’s Association and member of the Board for the Desert’s Resource Center when he is not working in his capacity as the owner and CEO of Team Sun Construction.